Aris (a poem)

ethiopian girlWatching from her silent world,
Silent voices round her swirl,
Seconds ticking by unheard,
Needs to know the hopeful word.

Has no voice to speak her heart,
Needs someone to take her part,
Give a voice to silent pleas,
Listen to her, won’t you, please.

Child precious in God’s sight,
May your shadows turn to light.
God above will take your hand,
Lead you to the promised land.

Deafened ears will hear his voice,
Muted voices then rejoice.
Be the mouth she needs below,
God’s unfailing love to show.

(Copyright Leah Good 2013)

Aris Poem Graphic

As you probably guessed by the title, this poem is inspired by Aris, the current Advocate & Pray child. You are welcome to use this poem on your own blog, site, or social media account as long as you include a link to the Aris’ Advocate & Pray post or her Profile on the Agency site.

Please visit the Prayer Team page or go directly to the Pray for Aris Spreadsheet to join the prayer chain for Aris.

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  1. This is awesome! I have signed up to pray for her!!


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