Sunny (a poem)

SunnyIn a land of a billion,
God’s loving eye finds one girl.
Only one of the millions,
She’s to God a precious pearl.

Of little worth to others,
Yet she’s priceless in God’s sight.
Deserving of a mother,
Who will tuck her in at night.

Unattractive to the world,
Yet she’s beautiful to God.
Needs a pretty dress to twirl,
And a dad’s approving nod.

God takes pleasure to redeem,
The souls the world ignores.
He bids you come, join the team,
Be his hands on earthly shores.

(copyright 2013 by Leah E. Good)

Sunny-a poem

This poem is written in honor of the current Advocate & Pray child, Sunny. Please feel free to use the poem on your own blog or social media page as long as you include the copyright blurb at the bottom and include a link either to Sunny’s Advocate and Pray page or the post about her on No Hands But Ours. Thanks!

Also, don’t forget to sign up to pray for Sunny.

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