Advocate & Pray: Xiao

Fan Xiao ShuiThis little girl’s smile captivated me as I looked throught he waiting children listed with the Jing Yi Program. The Families Through International Adoption website explains the origins of the program’s name.

When we first started this program, we were saddened to learn of the passing of an infant girl whom we had hoped to find a family for. She was a newborn with Hep B and HIV, but wasn’t strong enough to survive. This little girl’s name was Jing Yi, which means calm, joyful, harmony. We decided to name this new program the Jing Yi Program to not only honor her short life but to remind us of how important it is for these children to receive the care they need, even before they are placed with their forever families.

Xiao is listed with Families Through International Adoption

Xiao is a beautiful 7 year old girl with knee valgus and incontinence. She appears to have had some type of spinal surgery prior to coming to the orphanage at 10 months of age. She had shown delays in language and mental development, but she has been improving every day.

She can take care of herself, crawls and can walk some by leaning on the railing. She is described as lively and cheerful and likes to sing while her best friend dances. Her caretakers say she is smart, polite and likes to give them a warm hug when they come to work.

Read More about Xiao (Scroll down on the linked page to find her profile.)

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