One of Those People

Girl SilhoutteI’m one of those people. One of those people family, friends, and random strangers worry about because of the big, crazy ideas we talk about. We seem like we want to change the world and we do. Some of us want to impact the whole world or at least our country. Some of us want to change the world for just few people. Some of us tell everyone we meet about our dreams, while some keep quiet, treasuring the hope inside. Either way, people know…we live on the bring of going off the deep end.

I’m one of those people who has a lot of learning to do. It seems like dreamers often need a lot of redirection and training from God before we get to the place He needs us to be. From what I’ve read, it’s often a difficult process. But I also hear it’s worth it.

children-of-ecuador-11I’m one of those people who sometimes gets discouraged. Sometimes it seems like my hopes and dreams can’t possibly be reached. Who knows, maybe they can’t. But it would be nice to get as close as possible.

Right now, I’m one of those people. Someday, I hope I’ll be one of those other people. Those people who went beyond the dreaming and took action. Those people who made it through the trials and reached the place God wanted them. Those people who keep learning. Those people who went despite discouragement and doubt. One of those people making a difference.

What about you? Are you “one of those people”? Do you hope to change the world in some way, but wonder how on earth you can?

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  1. Yeah, sounds familiar… 😉 “Those people” need to stick together. 🙂

  2. Never stop being one of those people. ❤

  3. I am one of those people. Hoping to make a big change here in Asia…


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