Advocate & Pray: Vitalik

Vitalik Two things made me decide to feature this particular orphan this week. For one, we haven’t prayed for a boy yet. Can’t be all girls, right? (Though there’s often a disproportionate number of girls because parents prefer boys in many cultures. But that’s a different subject for a different time.) The second reason is his name. One of my favorite posts on Karen Spring’s blog was about a young man named Vitalik.

Vitalik is listed with Doorways to Hope

Vitalik is a friendly, easygoing, funny and active 12-year-old boy. He loves to play chess, board games and soccer. He is considered a leader. Every day, he prays to God for a momma and papa. Will you join in praying for a forever family for Vitalik?

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  1. That’s so awesome!! (about praying for the mamma and papa) signed up!

  2. Hi Leah! Just wanted you to know– Vitalik was adopted a year ago– by some friends of mine in Utah! 🙂

  1. Updates On Two Of “Our” Kids | Teens Interceding for Orphans

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