Advocate & Pray: Tristan

TristanTristan’s story and his big, bright smile caught my eye as I looked through the Adopt Us Kids listings. Tristan is 13 years old and is waiting for a family in the state of Missouri, where he is currently in the custody of the Children’s Division.

Tristan is listed with Adopt Us Kids
United States

Tristan was placed in foster care after being removed from the person his mother had left him with for a long period of time. The home he was residing in was very minimal in many aspects.  Tristan shows a great deal of anger and was difficult to handle. He was aggressive towards his siblings.

Tristan is in the sixth grade. He is doing very well with his grades and seems to be adjusting to school better this year. He plays the violin and is in the orchestra. Tristan also played basketball and is very athletic.”

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