Movie Review: Raising Izzie

Raising Izzie

“But, c’mon God, this is like our second chance.”

After their mother’s death, 14 year old Gertie Nash stepped up to fill some very large shoes. Desperate to make sure she and her little sister, Izzie, stay together, Gertie avoids entering the foster care system at all costs. She juggles paying the bills, grocery shopping, and raising Izzie around maintaining good grades at school. No one seems to suspect anything until Gertie gets a new teacher. Mrs. Freeman is determined to run a tight ship, and Gertie baffles her.

My mom and I watched this movie together while my dad and brother were away for a weekend. I wasn’t entirely sure it would be good, but it was a contemporary, Christian movie about orphans so it worth the try. And I’m so glad we did try it. We enjoyed it so much we decided to re-watch it the following night before the rent time on Amazon ran out! It was clean cut and moving. My only complaints were two low cut dresses. And if a couple discussing trying to have kids bothers you, you may blush a few times. 😉 Really, though. A tear jerker for anyone interested in a unique “contemporary American orphan” story.

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  1. I watched this movie on UP a couple of months ago. I thought it was a good movie. It is right up there with the movie Timothy Green. 🙂


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