Advocate & Pray: Angela

Angela Angela is currently living in an orphanage in the Ukraine. According to, where Angela is listed, only about 10% of orphans in the Ukraine go on to live a successful life, free from drugs, alcoholism, crime, or suicide.  However, no matter how bad the statistics seem, there is always hope:

As Christians we know that we are called to care for orphans, and it is now agreed that these children thrive best when placed in loving families. In Russia and Ukraine, this was not always the prominent belief. In fact, it has only been in the last several years that the concept of family as the best environment to raise children has been embraced in these countries. Finally, the orphan crisis is being addressed as people band together to find a home for every orphan!

Angela is listed with Doorways to Hope

Angela needs special treatment for a medical condition—her body does not grow properly. Angela is an artist and actor. She loves animals and nature, playing outside and roller skating. Let’s pray that a loving family will adopt Angela soon.

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