Advocate & Pray: Candy

CandyHello there! Leah here taking a turn with the A&P (Advocate & Pray) post this week. Many thanks again to Monica who has been doing a fantastic job with these. If you would also like to help out with TIO, please check out 5 Ways to Help TIO and/or contact me about it. Now, about this week’s A&P child, Candy.

Candy caught my eye for two reasons. The first is, she’s really pretty, don’t you think? Also, my heart goes out to older children waiting to be adopted. So many people are afraid of the baggage they come with and aren’t willing to go out on a limb for them. These kids end up entering the world on their own and are almost always vulnerable to people ready to exploit them. I really hope someone steps forward for Candy before this happens.

Candy is listed with Gladney Center for Adoption

Candy is a sweet almost 13 year old girl who needs a  family.  It is urgent she find a family before she ages out on her 14 th birthday.  She is a very beautiful girl with the most precious smile.  She attends  school like other older kids, and takes Chinese, English, Math and art classes. Candy has Osteogenesis Imperfecta. She is an amazing girl who needs the love of a family.

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