Updates On Two Of “Our” Kids

Aris was the very first Advocate & Pray child posted on this blog. If you’ve looked at all the things on the sidebar, you’ve seen her silhouette and read the snippet of her bio posted beneath. You may also have read the update saying that a family was interested in adopting her. I contacted her agency this week to ask about her status and they told me that the family did not move forward with adopting Aris. They also said that is a lot of uncertainty surrounding adoptions in Ethiopia at this time. PLEASE, keep praying for Aris specifically and for the orphans of Ethiopia and the issues surrounding them. Aris has continued to be heavy on my heart. Usually when people (myself included) look through the lists of waiting children, it’s a face that stands out. With Aris, something about her short bio just jumped out to me. This is a precious little girl who needs to be loved, and she’s very close to aging out of the system and losing her chance to be part of a family. Unless someone steps in after she ages out, this will leave her vulnerable to those who might exploit her. Again, please continue to pray for Aris.

Praise the Lord for more encouraging news concerning Vitalik. God answered our prayers for him before we even knew to pray them. My missionary friend, Karen Springs, recently left a comment to let us know that friends of hers from Utah adopted Vitalik a year ago. How exciting to hear that!

The Others
So far we’ve prayed for nine children here on TIO. We probably won’t know what happens to most of them this side of heaven. Please don’t stop praying for them just because their two week segment is over. As I mentioned above, for some reason Aris grabbed a special place in my heart so I’ve continued praying for her and thinking of her. Maybe one of the kids has stood out to you to. We teens might not be able to adopt kids into our families, but we can adopted them into our prayer life for sure. And if you ever learn how one of these kids is doing down the road, please share with us! It’s always a special blessing to see how our prayers or answered or know how to pray more specifically.

Have any of the nine kids prayed for here on TIO particularly touched you? Which one? Is there a waiting child who hasn’t been featured here that you’re praying for on your own? Let us know and maybe we can feature him or her on a future A&P post.

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  1. YAY ABOUT VITALIK!!! That is so awesome!! =D Aris has been laid on my heart also and I’ve thought about her more than most of the other kids. And that is probably because she is tweleve just like me. I’ve been praying for her off and on along with the other children. I sure hope that someone will adopt her soon! =)

    • Isn’t it, though. So grateful to Karen for letting us know. And pray for Karen by the way. She’s over in Ukraine with all the mess going on there.

      It’s wonderful to hear that someone else cares for Aris. *hugs*

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