Advocate & Pray: Margaret

MargaretMargaret, an eight-year-old girl from Ethiopia, caught my attention this week.  Because of her health problems, she is in need of a special family to take her in and give her the care and attention she needs to thrive.

Margaret is listed with Children’s Hope International

Margaret is a great little 8 year old girl.  She is HIV positive and both her parents are deceased.  She was relinquished to the orphanage by her aunt who is no longer able to care for her.  Margaret does not have any other siblings and is in need of a good home.  With medical professionals in the US and HIV medication she can live a wonderfully healthy life.

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Leah’s Note

Hello! Leah here. I just wanted to add a special prayer request for orphans in Ethiopia. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Ethiopian adoptions right now, including some stuff that is preventing parents who are ready to fly from going to get their kids. Please pray that these issues are resolved and Ethiopia does not close to foreign adoption. Pray for the families in the midst of the process who are facing uncertainty, for the kids who are waiting, and, of course, for Margaret.

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