Advocate & Pray: Miroslav

MiroslavSummer2012TwoMiroslav was brought to our attention by site reader McKennaugh. Miroslav’s profile describes him as cheerful and creative, but I’ll let McKennaugh introduce him to you below.


Miroslav is five years old and he has cerebral palsy. Before he was 2, he lived with his family, but then they left him in the orphanage, where I met him. I got to meet his biological mother, too. She said she was going to leave him at the orphanage for a year where he could get therapies for his cerebral palsy and “good care.” However, we knew he was not receiving any therapy or care. We prayed that his mom would take him back sooner, because we knew a year in that place could destroy a child. Sadly, over a year after I had came back to the US, I found a photo of him online. He was still at the orphanage. His mother had never brought him home. I just received word that Miroslav has become available for adoption. He desperately needs a family. He is so, so sweet. We called him “angel boy.” He had the most innocent, forgiving, loving personality. I don’t know if I have ever met anyone that seemed to have such a pure spirit about them. I can’t even explain it. I am hoping that we can get some people to start sharing his story so he has a chance of getting adopted. Ukraine is having a very hard time right now, and Russia has taken over Crimea. Adoptions in that region have shut down. Miroslav does not reside in Crimea, but there’s no way of telling if time is running out for him, too.

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Note from Leah

McKennaugh wrote the guest posts Loving Katia (pt 1) and Loving Katia (pt 2). If you haven’t read that story yet, I encourage you to do so. It’s amazing. McKennaugh’s love and determination made an incredible difference in Katia’s life. Now McKennaugh is asking us to help her share Miroslav’s story in the hopes that he’ll find a miracle of his own.

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