Book Review: KnowOrphans

KnowOrphansIn order to help orphans, we must know orphans. That’s the premise author Rick Morton builds on in his new book, KnowOrphans. How are we supposed to know orphans. How can we as individuals and as a church reach out to vulnerable children? How are we supposed to navigate the complications and turmoil surrounding orphan care and adoption?

This book is written as a guide for how to understand and mobilize towards knowing and helping orphans. It covers a wide range of topics. Almost too wide. I felt the book lacked some of the focus needed to make it live up to its full potential. It probably isn’t a great “beginning” book to read on the subject. However, if you already have enough of a foundational understanding to keep up with the switches between discussing. individual possibilities, church responsibility, parachurch ministries, and adoption this is a good book to use as a brainstorming springboard. I especially appreciated the chapter discussing some of the criticisms the Christian orphan-care and adoption movement has been receiving. While this book was a little hard to get through the first time, I’m sure I’ll be referring back to it over and over again.

Note: I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for a review reflecting my honest perspective on the book.

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