Baby Will You (a poem)

As I learn about adoption and orphan care, I often try to imagine how I would feel standing in the shoes of various people living through the circumstances that lead to a child being orphaned or adopted. This poem is the result of trying to imagine what a birth mother must think as she chooses adoption for her baby.

Baby Will You

Baby Will You

Baby will you know I love you?
When you hug a different mother.
Will you think of where you grew?
Nine months before you knew another.

Will you miss me as you grow,
The way I miss you here at home?
Will you ever even know?
Your birth mommy loves you so.

Will I ever hold you tight?
The way I did on your birth night.
Will you think I did what’s right?
To help you live a better life.

Will you ever love me back?
Dare I even hope for that?
Will you forgive me what I lacked?
Can we ever sit and chat?

Love the ones who tuck you in,
The ones I chose to raise you up.
They’re the ones who call you kin,
At their family table sup.

But save a place within your heart,
For the girl who gave you life.
For even though we live apart,
I think of you each day and night.

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