Get Ready to Read! The Global Orphan Crisis

Global Orphan Crisis, TheTwo weeks ago, you all voted to help pick our next book club read. The Global Orphan Crisis ended up taking first place. I’m so excited to read this book and discuss it with all of you. It’s an especially easy book to talk about because there are discussion questions at the end of each chapter. I kind of breezed by them the first time I read it, so I’m looking forward to going back and thinking them over.

Since this blog started (almost a year ago!), several people have expressed interest in participating in the book club only to shy away when they find out it’s a Goodreads only thing. While Goodreads lends itself perfectly to book club style reading and discussing, I don’t want to exclude those who don’t have and don’t want a Goodreads account. So we’re going to be adventurous this time around and try to expand the book club to incorporate the blog.

I’m not sure what this will look like yet. It might be a separate page. Or a weekly post. Or something entirely different. Maybe we can get one participant a week to share his or her thoughts on the discussion question from the previous week. We’ll figure it out as we go.

So. Are you in?! I’m hoping everyone can start reading on September 29th. (That day may eventually get pushed to October 1st. We’ll see.) In any case, you have until then to secure your copy of the book.

Buy the Book!

The Global Orphan Crisis (Paperback)
The Global Orphan Crisis (Kindle)

Barnes & Nobles
The Global Orphan Crisis (Nook)
The Global Orphan Crisis (Paperback)

Don’t forget to check your library!

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Fire away! How do you think we should incorporate the book club on the blog? Are you planning on joining us (please let me know if you are)?

I really hope this is an enjoyable success for all of us!

Participation Survey

If you’re reading this as an email, click through to see the survey.

P.S. A sneak peak of my novel, Counted Worthy, is now available in the Story Shop over on Leah’s Bookshelf. Check it out!

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