Advocate & Pray: Louise

louiseLeah brought to my attention this week a couple of girls, including 2-year-old Louise, who are in a sponsorship program called “Sarah’s Covenant Homes.”  Here’s how the website describes SCH:

Children with developmental disabilities and neurological special needs are the most likely to be abandoned and least likely to be adopted children in India. The Lord told me, “Feed My lambs.” I find these overlooked and undernourished (in all senses) lambs languishing in institutional orphanages or hospitals, and bring them home, providing them with love, education, therapy, medical & surgical care, and LIFE in a family-style environment.

SCH provides care for these orphaned or abandoned children in India, and the program is funded completely through donations.  So here’s the good news: If you’re looking for a way to become involved in orphan care, in addition to praying for these children, you can become a sponsor!  Click on the link to Louise’s profile to learn more.

Louise is listed with Sarah’s Covenant Homes

Louise is a sweet little girl who has profound deafness and has a cochlear implant. She lives in a foster home with 2 brothers who also have cochlear implants, Nolan and Theo! Louise enjoys riding her trike, going to school, and making funny faces! She is quirky and very funny, and keeps her foster family laughing!

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  1. Oh, I’m so glad to see Louise on here! She is so incredibly adorable.

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