I Am Grateful

ON NOWI was going to just post a “Happy Thanksgiving” image today and leave it at that. But as we drove to our Thanksgiving Dinner this afternoon, I started coming up with things I am grateful for that stem from being involved in orphan care. So here’s the list. 10 Things I Am Grateful For.

1. I am grateful for the lives of all the orphaned, fatherless, and vulnerable children in the world. Despite the often horrible situations they are stuck in, each and every one is made in the image of God, and therefore valuable.

2. I am grateful that God has allowed me to play a small part in helping these children.

3. I am grateful that God has given us the capacity to love, and that the Holy Spirit allows us to open our hearts even to the least of these.

4. I am grateful for the families that have made room in their families for adopted children. And I am especially grateful for the families who carefully research to understand the pitfalls and dangers of adoption, and act accordingly when entering their adoption journeys.

5. I am grateful for the Christian missionaries, social workers, aid workers, and more who dedicate their lives to serving orphaned and vulnerable children.

6. I am grateful for the resources to become educated about this topic.

7. I am grateful for the growing community of young people who care about orphans and aren’t waiting until they’re adults to get involved.

8. I am grateful for the opportunities each of us have to get involved.

9. I am grateful for short term trips that allow so many people to learn from experience instead of just having book knowledge.

10. I am grateful that we don’t have to depend on our own, finite understanding to understand issues bigger than ourselves. Praise God for being a God we can trust with everything and surrender our burdens to.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? Are any of those linked to being involved or becoming educated about orphan care?

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