5 Ways Teens Can Help Orphans (an overview)

5 Ways Teens Can Help Orphans (an overview)Last week I posted a request for feedback from the readers of TIO. I wanted to know what you do and don’t like about the blog, and what you would like to see more of. (I still do want that feedback, so please stop by that post and leave a comment!) One reader said she prefers posts that include specific ways to help. I agree with her! That’s what I would want too. It’s also the type of post I have the hardest time generating. If you have ideas in this area, please share them with me!

In the meantime, here’s a quick review of some ideas that have been posted here in the past.

1. Advocate and Pray. Every other week, Monica posts a new child who is orphaned and need prayer and support. There is a prayer chain you can click on and sign up for a fifteen minute prayer slot for that child. You don’t have to pray the whole fifteen minutes (though you certainly could if you wanted to!). By signing up, you simply commit to pray for that child sometime during your slot every day for two weeks. This is such an easy way to get involved, and it’s so important. I’d love to see more people participating in this ministry. You can also use these posts as a springboard to advocate for specific children. One of the powerful things about the internet is how fast information can be sent from person to person. You can harness that power to help orphans by asking others to pray and consider finding ways to help the specific children shared.

2. Fundraise. Helping financially can be a sore spot for teenagers. With little or no steady income of our own, helping orphans through financial means can seem like a closed door. But it’s not! Earlier this year I did a series of posts titled Orphans, Fundraising, and Teens (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Resources). Whether you want to help a family with adoption expenses, sponsor a child, support a ministry, create care packages, or send presents, fundraising can open those doors to you.

3. Help TIORunning this blog takes a lot of work. If you feel that it is effectively helping teens help orphans, you can help orphans by helping out with TIO. I’m always grateful for help, and hopefully you would bless others through your efforts.

4. Write Letters. A post about being a correspondence sponsor for Compassion International recently met with a lot of enthusiasm from readers of TIO. To borrow the old saying, there is a lot of power in the pen. Writing letters to orphans, children living in poverty, or the missionaries ministering to them can be a great way for teens to get involved.

5. Be a Catalyst. Use your enthusiasm to get other’s involved! Brainstorm with people at your church for how you can join together to help orphans. The Bible says that God’s people are a body. Each member plays a different role, and all the roles are essential in caring for orphans. Your role might just be to exhort and encourage others to start doing.

6. (Surprise! An extra.) Support Teens Already HelpingThis past year, TIO was privileged to feature several young people who are working hard to help orphans. If you’re struggling to “reinvent the wheel,” why not throw yourself into helping someone else? I think you’ll discover some pretty exciting possibilities if you visit or re-visit these stories.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. It’s just a review of things ideas already covered on this blog.

What other practical ways could teens get involved? Do you know of “any teens in action” that we could feature here? I need your help finding them!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these! I’m interested in advocating for children on my blog, but not sure how to go about doing it-especially since most of my own followers are teens.
    Also, a site you might want to check out is http://www.craftsforchinasorphans.blogspot.com. This is a site run by a pair of cousins and sisters where they sell crafts to help the orphans in China and honor their sisters/cousins adopted from China. You may find it worth sharing. I haven’t looked at it too much, but thought I would share it.
    Also, I just started following a blog (www.stoptofindtherosies.blogspot.com) which is written by a girl named Allie who had a little sister named Rosie adopted from China. Rosie sadly passed away in May from her heart defect, but Allie and her sister sell bows to help orphans and remember Rosie. The link to their store site is on the blog, I believer. Their family also just brought two girls home who have heart defects as well.
    Anyway, hope those links help somewhat!

    • Thanks so much for the suggestions, Christine. Sorry I’m so overdue on replying to this comment.

      Perhaps you could encourage your teen followers to print a picture of the child you want to advocate for and post it on their fridge to pray for. That way their parents will become aware of the child too. You could also ask them to bring the picture to church and put it on the prayer bulletin, request prayer for the child, etc. These kids could certainly use prayer warriors and the extra exposure wouldn’t hurt either.

  2. Thank you for this post, Leah!
    Is there any way I can help TIO?

  3. ctaft000

     /  January 28, 2015

    Thanks for the suggestions, Leah! And if there’s any way I can help TIO I would love too.:)


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