Advocate & Pray: Grace

GraceGrace is a 9-year-old girl waiting for her family in North Carolina.  Her profile describes her as bubbly and expressive and says that she loves dogs and karaoke.  Grace is looking for a family who will take her to church and support her faith as she processes the trauma she has been through.

Grace is listed with Adopt US Kids

Grace is a warm, affectionate, and joyful child. At the same time, she struggles with the losses in her life and needs a family who can be patient and process her grief and the resulting challenges with her. A family who understands the effect trauma has on children would be an asset in Grace’s life. She would benefit from a family who nurtures her creative talents and uses praise and encouragement rather than punishment. Grace would do best in a family where there are no older male children in the home. Grace has expressed an interest in being adopted by an African American family who attends church, as her faith is a sense of support and comfort to her.

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