Advocate & Pray: Felicia

FeliciaToday’s child, Felicia, is involved in Sarah’s Covenant Homes sponsorship program (previously featured here).  SCH works with orphaned and abandoned children who have special needs, giving them a home, education, and medical care.  Eleven-year-old Felicia is just learning to stand on her own, and she has a specific need for a wheelchair to provide her with greater mobility.

Because SCH is funded through donations, you can help Felicia get her wheelchair!  Click on the link to Felicia’s profile to learn how, or to learn more about becoming a monthly sponsor.

Felicia is listed with Sarah’s Covenant Homes

Felicia is a happy, content girl with an endearing giggle. Though she is non-verbal, she enjoys watching the world around her, and is now learning to stand on her own.  She has made astounding progress from the time she first arrived at SCH!  Felicia enjoys music class and watching colorful educational videos.  She is very ticklish and laughs and giggles when you talk to or tease her.  She has a sweet smile that we never grow tired of seeing.

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