Advocate & Pray: Lauren

LaurenThis seven-year-old girl named Lauren is a friendly girl who loves to learn.  She has a mild cognitive development delay, but that doesn’t keep her from participating in class and caring for herself and others.

Lauren is listed with No Hands But Ours

Lauren is just beautiful! She is very social and happy! She loves watching TV and especially loves cartoons! Lauren really enjoys playing with others and they often play football! She has such a sweet heart and is protective and helpful with the girls that are younger than her. Lauren has great independence! She can wash her face and feet by herself and has been taught how to fold up a quilt. Not only does Lauren like to care for herself, but she also enjoys caring for others around her. She is very involved in class at school. She loves to raise her hand and be the first to complete whatever task the teacher asks!

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  1. *blinks at the picture and description*

    She…she sounds like the sister I’ve been praying for… (and still trying to keep asking my dad about)

    Eep! I don’t even know if my family meets China’s rules for adoption anymore, but…hmm… 🙂

    • Okay, so actually, my dad looked at the adoption agency’s waiting child lists and she’s no longer listed on there, so someone is probably already in the process of adopting her.

    • Whoops meant to post my below comment as a reply. 🙂

  2. She’s still listed in “Children Who Wait” on the NHBO site, and they are usually pretty prompt about changing the label once someone is in the process of adopting the child. They did that for one little girl who I had been advocating for, but I couldn’t get any info on it till the family made it official. I would be kind of surprised if they left her up as still waiting for a family when she wasn’t.

    • Hmmm, okay. Well, at least it got my dad looking at waiting child lists again. 😉 He found another girl listed with the same folks (Lifeline, I think) who had been adopted by a local family and then ended up back in the orphanage. He told me and said, “You know, I’ve always had a weakness for the unwanted ones.” 🙂

    • Oh. That’s awesome! Please keep me posted if this progresses further. 😉
      I wish our family would adopt really badly, especially from China, but that’s never going to happen. 😛

  3. Hey Monica,
    Are we allowed to request that a certain child we’re advocating for be featured on Advocate and Pray?


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