Advocate & Pray: Martin

martinThis week’s featured child is from Watoto Child Care Ministries in Uganda.  This ministry provides children with a home with other children and a house mother, an education, and the opportunity to participate in the Watoto church.  Some of these children come to Watoto with their mothers, but many are orphaned or abandoned by family members who can no longer take care of them.  You can read more about the program here on the Watoto website.

Martin came to Watoto as an infant, after he was found abandoned on a balcony.  He is now almost nine years old and enjoys sports and school.  His profile requests that we pray for Martin to accept Jesus as his Savior soon!

Watoto’s villages, school, and church are funded through donations that enable orphans like Martin to have a home and an education.  So if you’re looking for a way to become involved in orphan care, in addition to praying for these children, you can become a sponsor!  Check out the Watoto sponsorship page to learn more.

Martin is listed with Watoto

Martin was 18 months old when he was discovered abandoned on the balcony of a house. This was reported to local authorities and the little boy was taken to Sanyu Babies’ home in Kampala. In July 2008, Martin came to Watoto Child Care Ministries, as he had outgrown the Babies’ home. A devoted housemother has long since made him feel wanted and loved. Martin is also surrounded by the love of his Watoto brothers and sisters in their home. Martin has begun receiving a quality education at the Watoto School, where his favorite activity is Physical Education. He really enjoys a game of soccer after school, though not before doing his share of the household chores. On Sundays at the Watoto Church, Martin enjoys singing and dancing during worship. Please pray for him to soon accept Christ as his Saviour.

Read more on Martin’s profile (you can find it in the middle of the page–no direct link)

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