Advocate & Pray: Joyce


Today’s featured child is another sponsored child from Watoto Child Care Ministries in Uganda. This ministry provides children with a home with other children and a house mother, an education, and the opportunity to participate in the Watoto church. Some of these children come to Watoto with their mothers, but many are orphaned or abandoned by family members who can no longer take care of them. You can read more about the program here on the Watoto website.

After the death of Joyce’s parents, her grandmother was unable to care for her and her siblings, so they were brought to Watoto. Through their ministry, Joyce accepted Christ as her Savior, and she loves going to church and reading good books.

Watoto’s villages, school, and church are funded through donations that enable orphans like Joyce to have a home and an education. You can get involved in this orphan care by becoming a sponsor! Check out the Watoto sponsorship page to learn more.

Joyce is listed with Watoto

Joyce’s parents both died, leaving Joyce and her siblings in the care of their aged grandmother. Grandma could not meet the basic needs of the children and life was very difficult. Concerned authorities and the local church asked Watoto Child Care Ministries to take the children under their wings. Joyce was brought to a comfortable Watoto Village. A devoted housemother welcomed Joyce to her Watoto Home. Joyce is well cared for and loving Watoto brothers and sisters provide good companionship. Mama really appreciates Joyce’s help around the house. Joyce is grateful to the Lord for all the blessings she enjoys at Watoto and thanks God for her sponsors. A quality education is being given to Joyce at the Watoto School. She is encouraged to become any thing in life she dreams to be. In her spare time, Joyce likes to read good books. On Sundays Joyce attends the Watoto Church, where she loves to praise and worship the Lord. She has accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Saviour. Please pray for her to continue to develop a deeper relationship with Christ. Thank you so much for your financial support.

Read more on Joyce’s profile (you can find it in the middle of the page–no direct link)

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