Advocate & Pray: David

DavidDavid is a six-year-old boy who is in Virginia, waiting for his forever family. According to his profile, David loves to play but is also willing to be patient, and he is described as energetic and curious. You can tell from his picture that he is working hard in his kindergarten class! Join me in praying for a family who will give David the structure and encouragement that he needs.

David is listed with Adopt US Kids

Jairo David likes to be called by his middle name, David. David is an energetic and curious six year old boy who loves to play outside. He also enjoys riding his bike and playing with Legos. He is friendly, empathetic, sweet, and likeable. David is also intelligent, persistent, and patient. When he knows what he wants, he will work until he gets it.

David enjoys adult attention and being with others. David responds well to positive encouragement and is eager to receive praise. He does best with structure and clearly defined expectations. He is capable of many self-care activities such as washing, dressing, oral care, and toileting. His first language is Spanish, though he is fluent in English. He is currently in Kindergarten.

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  1. olivia w

     /  October 5, 2015

    Hey! I just found out about your website recently through the bloom blog that I heard of from the book Do Hard Things. I’d love to be a part of this : ) So is this prayer chain an ongoing thing, and if so how long will it last?

    Random comment: I actually have an adopted sister. We adopted her from Russia when when she was three. (which was about five years ago)

    • Hi Olivia! So excited that you found TIO. We’re glad to have you. Prayer chains run for two weeks each and then another one starts. Our team member, Monica, is kind enough to put together these posts. If you need some more help, we have an entire blog post about how to use the prayer chains.

  2. olivia white

     /  October 5, 2015

    Hey, I don’t know if you can see my comment on your website….. if you didn’t, I’d like to be a part of this. The calendar says starting in September I think, but didn’t you post this today? Has it already started?

    • Sorry for the confusion. The first time you comment here, I have to approve it. You should be set now. And I think it’s my fault that the dates are messed up. Monica writes the posts and then I make them live. I think I checked to early last Monday and then forgot to check back in and set it to live. So it went up a week late.

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