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Join the Teens Interceding for Orphans Team! Your help is needed to make the mission for this site successful. Read the options below to find out how you can get involved.

Pick a Way to Help
Visit the “Ways to Help” page and start taking action. Once you’ve started, let us know. I’ll add your name (or a username if you’d prefer) and how you’re taking action to a list of young people making a difference.
Visit the Base Team Page

Volunteer to Help Adopting Families
Want to partner with adopting families to fundraise, create their adoption blog, and more? Let me know what you’d like to do, and I’ll start creating a database. Once we have some volunteers, help direct adopting families to the site to get matched with a teen helper.
Visit the Adoption Partners Page

Join the Book Club
Join others in reading books about adoption and engaging in discussion about them. I’m planning to wait until at least 10 people sign on for this before assigning the first book to read. Still hashing out how to run this, so feel free to make suggestions. In the meantime, please check out the club on Goodreads and help spread the word.
Visit the Club on Goodreads

Create prayer chains for adopting families and/or orphans waiting for their forever family (find directions for doing this on the “Ways to Help” page), or join existing prayer chains. If you create your own, send me the link, and I’ll share it so others can join in praying.

Help With Teens Interceding for Orphans (TIO)
Get involved right here on TIO. Suggest more ways teens can get involved helping orphans. Share how you’re making a difference by writing a guest post for the blog. Share book and movie reviews. Recommend worthy ministries for the Resources page. Alert me about typos. Be creative and don’t be afraid to contact me! No idea or suggestion is to small, silly, or far-fetched for consideration.


Thanks Everyone!

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  1. This website is AMAZING, Leah! I’ll be thinking and praying about maybe making a blog. Could you explain more about how I can fundraise/help adopting families with one? Thanks. God bless you!

    • Sofia, thanks so much for your comment! It’s so exciting to see other teens excited about helping out. I will email you so we can talk about this in more detail than comments really allow.

  2. Hi, Leah!

    I hope you don’t mind me commenting again instead of emailing. I’m kind of apprehensive of emailing people I don’t know in person. Can you read this comment and just not post it? So sorry for the inconvenience!

    I’m glad you liked my blog!

    I have been thinking about it and just looked at the adoption prices and some are huge. So MAYBE I’ll try to do some fundraising for families who’d like to adopt, but don’t have that much money. I’d have to read a lot about the adoption process and how fundraising works, but this might be a way I can help.
    Do you know of good books on either topic?

    When/if I get enough info I feel ready I might try to fundraise for one or two families, before making a website and blog that advertise my service (which will be free).

    All that Lord-willing.

    I’m looking forward to reading your post on fundraising and thanks so much for the inspiration!

    God bless you!
    Sofia Marie

    • That’s perfectly okay. We can just chat here. Unless you want me to take both comments down after you’ve read my reply. 😉

      Yes. The average cost of an international adoption is $30,000, while a domestic adoption through a birth mom generally costs around $27,000. It’s not cheap! There’s a lot of controversy about the cost, but for now the fact remains that the cost is what it is and those kids still need families.

      If you want to learn the basics of the adoption process, I’d recommend reading “Successful Adoption: A Guide for Christian Families”. If you want to learn about fundraising for adoptions, Adopt Without Debt would be a great place to start.

      I actually have ideas for bringing teens together to raise funds for adoptions, so stay tuned here to hear about that. (Maybe at some point you could even be part of a planning team for that?)

      Does this help? Any more questions?


  3. Sorry for taking so long to answer, Leah.

    I haven’t asked my dad about it yet, though I hope to tomorrow. I’d really really really like to do something like that! Again, thanks for the inspiration and I’ll comment tomorrow or the day after to tell you if I’m in or not. Can you please pray that if God wants me to do this he’ll let Dad say “yes”?


    • Will do, Sophia. Way to go on looking for your parents approval and guidance before stepping forward. 😉 Proverbs 15:22

  4. Sorry for not answering for so long, Leah.

    Dad said “no” to fundraising in particular, but we’ll brainstorm with him over other possibilities. I hope to get back to you soon!



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