The Choice (a poem)

xray-baby-in-stomach_19-131027Lately my reading has caused me to think a lot about the mothers that, for various reasons, are separated from their biological children. Whether young women in the states who surrender their children for adoption, women in other countries who bring their children to orphanages in hope they’ll have a better life, or those that abandon their children because they can’t bear to watch them starve. Each story about these women who love their children but find it necessary to give them up is heartbreaking. Saturday night I was talking to a lady from our church who works at a crisis pregnancy center. This poem is a combination of past reading and my conversation with her.

The Choice
Pregnant, alone, faced with a choice;
Carry through or silence a voice?
She tries to think, but it’s in vain.
How can she reason past the pain?

She wanted love, but love is gone,
Ran away at the word ‘unborn’.
Left her to make the choice alone,
His own small child so soon disowned.

It felt good then, but now it aches,
A broken heart amid mistakes.
Broken, confused, and what’s inside?
A baby or cells? Which side lied?

If only tears would cease to flow.
If only she true love could know,
The baby there beneath her heart,
Might have a chance to make a start.

(copyright 2014 by Leah E. Good)

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