Advocate & Pray: Candy

CandyHello there! Leah here taking a turn with the A&P (Advocate & Pray) post this week. Many thanks again to Monica who has been doing a fantastic job with these. If you would also like to help out with TIO, please check out 5 Ways to Help TIO and/or contact me about it. Now, about this week’s A&P child, Candy.

Candy caught my eye for two reasons. The first is, she’s really pretty, don’t you think? Also, my heart goes out to older children waiting to be adopted. So many people are afraid of the baggage they come with and aren’t willing to go out on a limb for them. These kids end up entering the world on their own and are almost always vulnerable to people ready to exploit them. I really hope someone steps forward for Candy before this happens.

Candy is listed with Gladney Center for Adoption

Candy is a sweet almost 13 year old girl who needs a  family.  It is urgent she find a family before she ages out on her 14 th birthday.  She is a very beautiful girl with the most precious smile.  She attends  school like other older kids, and takes Chinese, English, Math and art classes. Candy has Osteogenesis Imperfecta. She is an amazing girl who needs the love of a family.

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Advocate & Pray: Xiao

Fan Xiao ShuiThis little girl’s smile captivated me as I looked throught he waiting children listed with the Jing Yi Program. The Families Through International Adoption website explains the origins of the program’s name.

When we first started this program, we were saddened to learn of the passing of an infant girl whom we had hoped to find a family for. She was a newborn with Hep B and HIV, but wasn’t strong enough to survive. This little girl’s name was Jing Yi, which means calm, joyful, harmony. We decided to name this new program the Jing Yi Program to not only honor her short life but to remind us of how important it is for these children to receive the care they need, even before they are placed with their forever families.

Xiao is listed with Families Through International Adoption

Xiao is a beautiful 7 year old girl with knee valgus and incontinence. She appears to have had some type of spinal surgery prior to coming to the orphanage at 10 months of age. She had shown delays in language and mental development, but she has been improving every day.

She can take care of herself, crawls and can walk some by leaning on the railing. She is described as lively and cheerful and likes to sing while her best friend dances. Her caretakers say she is smart, polite and likes to give them a warm hug when they come to work.

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Sunny (a poem)

SunnyIn a land of a billion,
God’s loving eye finds one girl.
Only one of the millions,
She’s to God a precious pearl.

Of little worth to others,
Yet she’s priceless in God’s sight.
Deserving of a mother,
Who will tuck her in at night.

Unattractive to the world,
Yet she’s beautiful to God.
Needs a pretty dress to twirl,
And a dad’s approving nod.

God takes pleasure to redeem,
The souls the world ignores.
He bids you come, join the team,
Be his hands on earthly shores.

(copyright 2013 by Leah E. Good)

Sunny-a poem

This poem is written in honor of the current Advocate & Pray child, Sunny. Please feel free to use the poem on your own blog or social media page as long as you include the copyright blurb at the bottom and include a link either to Sunny’s Advocate and Pray page or the post about her on No Hands But Ours. Thanks!

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Advocate & Pray: Sunny

Sunny In China, when a child turns 14, he or she no longer has the option of being adopted internationally. I noticed Sunny while exploring No Hands But Ours, and site/blog that informs, supports, and advocates adoption of special needs children from China.

Wonderful Sunny needs her family to find her soon, before she turns 14 and ages out in March of 2014! Her file is on the shared list. Sunny is described as a positive and active child. She has good self-care ability and gets along well with her classmates. Her favorite activities are dancing and playing sports. Sunny’s special need is post-operative congenital cleft lip and palate.

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