Advocate & Pray: Min Kyo

photo credit: Jean Kim

One of the amazing things about being a Christian, and more specifically, a homeschooled Christian, is the sense of community. When I was creating this website, I asked my friend Marli Renee for her opinion on it. I knew her family had adopted and that she also has a heart for orphans. As we did some brainstorming together, she mentioned a baby girl that has been heavy on her heart, little Min Kyo. Please join Marli in praying for this little girl in LA.

Min Kyo is listed with Heart Gallery LA

What a little cutie! Her name is Min Kyo and she is waiting for a family of her own. Min Kyo is of Korean descent and is a precious little girl who loves to cuddle and snuggle. Min Kyo was born in July of 2012 and needs a family that will nurture her and give her an opportunity to grow and thrive. When you speak to her, she will pay attention and start to laugh and smile. Overall, Min Kyo is a happy and calm baby who is easily soothed. Min Kyo was born with a diagnosis of Microcephaly and Seizure disorder. She is legally blind and has possible hearing loss. She continues to struggle with her seizure disorder and the doctor has been working on getting the appropriate dosage to help control it.

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Advocate & Pray: Aris

While I was working on setting up the resource page for this website, I happened to read the profile of a little girl in Ethiopia. They referred to her as Aris on the agency site and shared just a tiny bit about this little girls life, but it caught my attention and touched my heart.

Aris is listed with Children’s Hope International

Aris is a beautiful 12 year old girl. She is deaf and cannot speak. Aris’ biological mother is deceased and her father and relatives don’t have the capacity to raise her and send her to school. Aris is close to aging out of the system and being too old to be adopted. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting her please contact Nicky right away.

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