Movie Review: Safe Harbor

Doug and his wife Robbie are a well-to-do couple entering retirement. They plan to leave their country club and charity dinner life behind to travel the world in their sail boat. They hit a speed bump when a good friend and kind-hearted judge asks them for a favor. He asks them to take two juvenile delinquent boys for a few days to keep them out of county lock up. They reluctantly agree and embark on a journey far more adventurous than searching for sunken treasure.

I don’t remember where or why we got this movie, but I knew right away it would be a favorite. To make things even better, it’s based on a true story. It’s also quite clean. The movie makers manage to tell the story of four juvenile delinquents in a compelling manner without resorting to cussing. Two of the boys do flirt with some girls, and there’s a brief scene with said girls wearing bikinis. Consider yourself warned. It’s only about 30 seconds long.

Have any of you watched Safe Harbor? What did you think of it?