New Stuff (11.22.13)

New StuffThere are so many ministries and adopting families, resources and information available. I add more to the various pages of this site as I find them.* Every now and then I’ll make a new post to share my new discoveries with you.

ONEless Ministries
Located on the Resource page.
ONEless is listed under “Adoption Grants” on the resource page. The primary goal of ONEless is to combat human trafficking. One aspect of this is supporting the adoption of children who might otherwise remain vulnerable to traffickers.

Rahab’s Rope
Located on the Ways to Help page.
Rahab’s Rope does not specifically help orphans. It aids women at-risk for or coming out of India’s commercial sex trade. Orphans are always at high risk of being being trafficked.

Wild Olive Tees
Located on the Ways to Help page.
A business offering t-shirts with Bible verses on them. 10% of the profits go to orphan related charities.

147 Million Orphans
Located on the Ways to Help page
This ministry is categorized under “Donate Your Birthday.” 147 orphans is a fun site to explore. You can learn about 147 Million Orphans, check out their current projects, and find out how to get involved.

Give 1 Save 1
Located on the Resources page.
This blog encourages followers to put aside one dollar each week to donate to Give 1 Save 1’s featured family.

You Caring
Located on the Resources page.
A website that allows you to create fundraisers free of charge. I really like the appearance of the fundraisers on this site.

Have you discovered any new orphan ministries, sites, etc. recently? Share them!

*Reference to these sites do not indicate endorsement for them. Please do your own research to validate the integrity of organizations before supporting or using them.

Welcome to TIO

children-of-ecuador-11Hi there! I’m so grateful to everyone who has already checked Teens Interceding for Orphans (TIO) out. I hope you’ll all come back many times. My name is Leah Good. I’m an eighteen year old homeschool graduate with a passion for writing and the fatherless. But this blog isn’t about me.

If you’re reading this, you probably share in the desire to help the fatherless children around the world. My hope is that this website and blog will become a gathering place for teens who share this desire–a place for young people to become educated about needs, equipped with practical ways to help, and inspired by each other’s efforts.

This vision can’t become a reality without help. To start with, people need to know TIO exists. You can help by telling your friends about TIO and mentioning it on your blogs and social media accounts. If you’ve been involved in orphan care ministries, missions trips, or adoptions, it would be fantastic if team_2147870you would consider guest posting here on the blog. Or you can check out the various teams available to get involved in. Have ideas for something I should add to the site? Contact me and share them. And, most importantly, pray that this site would bring glory to God and fulfil his commandment to visit the fatherless in their distress.

How did you find TIO? What excites you the most about it? How do you think you might get involved?